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It's just after the Civil War and Captain Morgan and his confederate soldiers are establishing a town on the Bozeman trail. Colonel Strong and his union men are at the nearby fort. Things are peaceful until Riley has the Indians attack a union wagon train and leave a confederate sword at the scene.
The first of E. B. Derr's Crescent Pictures starring Tom Keene in a series of semi-factual historical dramas laid in various periods of 19th century America, "The Glory Trail" opens following the Civil War,with a band of Confederate soldiers who have vowed never to accept the disgrace of surrender and their families, led by Captain John Morgan, on the Bozeman Trail in Montana with the intent of establishing their own self-ruled colony in the territory. In addition to being in conflict with Union Army Lieutenant Gilchrist, trouble is also fanned by the activities of an ex-soldier renegade named Riley, who is trafficking with the Sioux for the supplies and ammunition on a wagon train he is leading, that also includes Lucy Strong, daughter of the post commander Colonel Strong. Before the Rebs and Union forces finally combine to wipe out maurauders of Riley, the latter frames Morgan's young aide, Dave Kirby, on a charge of leading an Indian raid, and Morgan condemns him to be executed even though he is innocent. Flash forward to 1969, put it in color and change the locale to Mexico, make John Wayne the Union officer and Rock Hudson the leader of the unreconstructed rebs (wearing ten pounds of exotic bird feathers as a hat plume and a king-size serape as a sash) and you might have "The Undefeated."

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